Apatite – Crystal Meanings

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  • Assists in manifesting what you desire in your life
  • Increases motivation and energy to act, socialize, and networking
  • Expands intellect and stimulates creativity and social responsibility

Apatite is formed in many different colors, including brown, green, blue, turquoise, yellow, white, brown, and violet. The majority of apatite that you might see are colored brown and a bluish turquoise color. Apatite assists in bringing consciousness to the surface from past lives and present life experiences to aid in resolving conflicts so that the person seeking can feel motivated and encouraged to reach their desires in life. Apatite has the ability to motivate and encourage you toward action in accomplishing your goals, as well as taking on social responsibility and humanitarian efforts. Apatite assists in business owners and career-oriented individuals to take the steps they need to network and be more social in the pursuit of their career through others in the industry. It also brings clarity to what you seek to know.

Apatite is Useful to:

  • Inspires, motivates, and encourages you to take action in your goals and desires
  • Brings clarity to any confusion in issues and situations to bring about effective decision making
  • Enhances creativity and intellect to broaden your perspective and application of knowledge
  • Increase psychic ability and brings conscious awareness to past life situation that may be affecting you in this present life
  • Improves networking and social skills
  • Promotes bridging the gap with others socially to work together towards common solutions

Healing Properties of Apatite

Apatite brings conscious awareness to raise your ability to recognize when patterns and issues affect your current life situation. It’s also helpful to identify roadblocks that may come up in the future and prepare for those in the present time. Apatite assists with your ability to communicate and express yourself. It’s also helpful to release social anxiety by promoting an outgoing mindset for networking, social communications, and humanitarianism. It encourages self confidence and focus to release negativity. It also releases apathy and sorrow to foster more joy and satisfaction in life.

In the physical realm, Apatite also heals bones and promotes healing and new cell creation (Hall, J., p. 60). In addition, balances the mind, body and spirit while also attuning all of the chakras to release negative energy and any overactive energy in these areas (Hall, J., p. 60). Apatite is also known to increase energy and release emotional overwhelm (Hall, J., p. 60).

Try This!

  • The next time you go to a party or other social event, networking event, or even just to gather with friends, take a piece of apatite with you if you feel like you need to feel more outgoing and confident.
  • If you’re feeling tired and exhausted from work or other circumstances in life, take a piece of apatite with you to boost your energy levels naturally and also help with decision making and clarity.
  • Have a project going on? Keep a piece of apatite with you to meditate on and increase your creativity along with application of intellect towards your project.

Chakras: Root, 3rd eye, Throat

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