Apache’s Tear – Crystal Meanings

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Apache Tear

  • Strengthens, grounds and protects your energy against negativity, psychic attacks
  • Powerful healing stones used to clear heavy emotions, grief, and stress
  • Increases intuition to uncover the root causes for negativity and helps to gently dispel fears

Apache’s Tear is a form of obsidian that is created from volcanic glass. Like Obsidian, it is used for deep healing work and dispelling negativity, heavy emotions, and psychic attacks. However, Obsidian can be a heavy hitting healing stone to work with and so is Apache’s Tear, only this healing stone is more gentle in its nature. There is sorrow associated with the stone and heavy grief from the story of how Apache’s Tears were formed.

According to the First People US, legend says that the Pinal Apache warriors would raid nearby settlements in Arizona to steal cattle and other items. After one raid, the military and volunteers from the settlement tracked the trails of the stolen cattle to the location of the Apache camp. They waited until the Apache warriors came back and ambushed them. The Apache were surprised and outnumbered during the attack. About 50 of the 75 Apache warriors were killed from the gun shots. A good many of the remainders chose to leap to their death from jumping off of a cliff instead of being killed by the settlers.

It is said that you can still find skeletons if you venture up the face of Big Pacacho in Arizona, and see some of the bones wedged into the cliff.

The Apache women and those who loved the warriors who had died wept nearby on the sands and mourned their grief. They felt the fighting spirit of the Pinal Apaches had died along with the warriors of the tribe. The tale says that the Great Father put their tears into the translucent like stone now called the Apache Tear and promised that anyone who owns an Apache Tear should never have to cry again for the Apache Women had cried enough tears for those who mourn and bear grief.

The Apache Tear is said to balance your emotions and allow for negative, heavy emotions like grief, stress, and burdens to be released from your mind, body, and spirit. This healing stone is also said to help light what is hidden in the conscious mind so that it can be transformed into positive beliefs and supportive habits.

Apache’s Tear is Useful to:

  • Dispels negativity and psychic attacks
  • Assist in releasing heavy, draining emotions like grief and burdens
  • Brings good luck to its wearer or holder
  • Increases intuition to know what direction to go in and choices to make
  • Relieves traumatic symptoms and encourages healing of dissociation
  • Grounds your energy to work through problems to a resolution
  • Assists in bringing spiritual insights to light consciously

Healing Properties of Apache’s Tear

Apache’s Tear heals grief and releases overburdened emotions from the body. It is healing consciously by bringing to light that what is hidden in the psyche, or unconscious mind. When working with Apache’s Tear in healing work, I suggest to meditate and journal with it to uncover what needs to be healed. They can clear the negative emotions that keep you blocked from pursuing your goals. They’re also helpful during hard times to release your sorrow and bring a positive light to what difficulties you’re facing at the time.

For your physical body, Apache’s Tear aids in releasing negative energy and is used in detoxifying your body. It can also aid in increasing your immune system and blood as well as in absorbing vitamins into your body. For athletes, or those who wish to take up exercise, Apache’s Tear can be helpful in increasing muscle and reducing muscle spasms. They aid with strengthening your body and focus in doing physical exercise and physical work.

Try This!

  • The next time you are experiencing grief or loss in your family, carry an Apache Tear with you to gently release the heavy emotions and bring in more positive memories of joy experienced with your loved one.
  • When you are ready to work out, or have to do physical labor, wear an Apache Tear on your neck or on your body to help keep you focused and your body strong to complete the task.
  • If you work in the healing profession, use an Apache Tear to work with a client through grief and loss. Use it to help them journal about the experience with you and release the heavy emotions through either a distant healing session or over the phone with you.

Chakras: Root
Birthstone: Aries, Capricorn
Made from: Black Obsidian, Volcanic Glass called Perlite
Found In: New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada