Angelite – Crystal Meanings

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  • Connects you with the angelic realm for guidance and healing
  • Brings conscious awareness to resolving blockages in mind, body, spirit
  • Attunes to the Throat Chakra to heal and align with the truth

Angelite is a powdery blue colored stone that brings a sense of peace and calmness. It is formed as a Anhydrite (a gem formed from the compression on Celestite over a period of millions of years), according to Gem Collector. It gently connects you with the angels for guidance, love, and help with resolving issues. Using Angelite in healing work attunes you to your Throat Chakra to speak to the heart of a situation you client, or yourself, may be experiencing. Angelite assists in increasing you intuition and psychic abilities to find the root cause of issues. With connection to the angelic realm, Angelite also brings in spiritual understanding and resolution to situations where it seemed impossible to move forward.

Angelite is Useful to:

  • Connect you with the angelic realm with conscious awareness
  • Assist in spiritual understanding, guidance and resolution of issues
  • Attune you to the Throat Chakra to speak to the heart of situations
  • Unblock what has seemed impossible with new insights from the angels
  • Increases telepathic abilities to know what another person is thinking and send them your thoughts
  • Resolves pain to gain wholeness through gently healing blockages
  • Brings a sense of peace and calm

Healing Properties of Angelite

Angelite is a calming stone that gently removes blockages in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual passageways in the mind, body and spirit. Angelite alleviates depression through spiritual awareness of the root cause of a situation. It is also helpful in resolving trauma when a person is ready and stable to explore meanings behind the situation. Angelite uplifts the spirit with its connection to the angelic realm by putting you in touch with the angels. The angels can offer guidance and joy through their help.

In the physical realm, Angelite also releases pain (Hall, J., p. 60). In addition, it opens the pathways to the meridians, unblocking what might be in the physical pain body, mental, emotional, and even stuck in the auric field (Hall, J., p. 60). Angelite is also known to help the following areas of the body: throat, thyroid, parathyroids, tissue, blood vessels, lungs, arm (Hall, J., p. 60).

Try This!

  • The next time you need guidance, try holding a piece of Angelite and communicating with that angels for love and support in your situation
  • When you need to speak your truth, carry a piece of Angelite with you in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry to help lend you the ability to stand your ground by clearing your Throat Chakra
  • If you work in the healing profession, keep a stone of Angelite with you to tune into the angels while doing your work. You may find their help to be even more empowering for you and your client

Chakras: Throat

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