Amethyst – Crystal Meanings

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  • Improves intuition and psychic abilities with clear information
  • Heals and releases negative emotions, cleanses and restores energy
  • Guards against psychic attack and protects your energy from negative people

Amethyst ranges in color from light to deep purple and is found in many parts of the world, with many druzys and standing Amethyst geodes coming from Brazil. It’s a healing stone that helps in healing work to release negative emotions, prevent further psychic attacks from other people’s negative thoughts towards you, and brings spiritual awareness. Amethyst is helpful in overcoming addictions. Its gentle calming energy helps ground you, which would allow you to stand in your convictions for your goals. If you’re looking for your life purpose or next direction, Amethyst aids in the visualization process to see where you’re heading.

Amethyst is Useful to:

  • Protects your energy and prevents further psychic attacks
  • Gently releases negative emotions
  • Cleanses and restores energy
  • Increases psychic abilities, awareness and consciousness
  • Aids in decision making to bring insight from the spiritual realm and reality with common sense
  • Provides the ability to visualize for finding your life purpose or way in life
  • Stabilizes emotions and releases negative heavy thoughts, transforms them into peace

Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is a mentally calming stone that also brings the person using it consciously awareness of their root problem. It gently dispels negative thoughts and emotions to release these from the body, mind, and aura. Amethyst increases spiritual awareness to allow a person to think and act according to their life purpose and higher power decision making abilities. Amethyst increases luck and also attracts positive support for projects with its calm, stable, gentle energy. It brings in balance to the mental, physical and emotional states of being.

Try This!

  • The next time you feel you’re being psychically attacked or have negative thoughts running in your mind, hold amethyst around you and focus on sending the energy out around you as a protective barrier.
  • When you need to make a decision, take a piece of amethyst with you and focus on the possible outcomes of the decision while holding the amethyst. See which path presents itself as the way to go.
  • Keep a piece of amethyst on your office desk if you feel the environment is aggressive, competitive, and stressful for calming, soothing, and clearing energy.

Chakras: 3rd eye
Birthstone: February

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