Amber – Crystal Meanings

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  • Brings grounding energy that also uplifts and motivates
  • Stabilizing stone with healing properties to gently move you forward to your goals
  • Clears your mind of depression and energizes creativity and a positive outlook on life

Amber is a fossilized tree sap that hardens into a resin. It typically traps various bugs that crawl on or under trees, like ants, flies, and scorpions and preserves them for many years. Its brilliant orange color is grounding, energizing, and stabilizing. Its healing properties include clearing depressive thoughts and energizing your Sacral Chakra to perform creative projects. You may suddenly find your voice with Amber and also feel soothed and relieved to express your inner feelings. Amber brings warmth to the atmosphere with its orangish-red inner glow. It also helps to bring a positive mindset and outlook to life.

Amber is Useful to:

  • Ground your energy while gently uplifting and motivating you toward goals
  • Heal and assist in releasing disease from the body
  • Protects your energy while also releasing negativity from the body
  • Lifts depressive thoughts to change your outlook on life to a positive mindset
  • Energizes you to start and finish creative projects
  • Cleanses and heals old memories to make space for new experiences

Healing Properties of Amber

Amber’s warm orange glow says it all in the stimulation this stone has in the Sacral Chakra to bring out creativity, self-expression and the release of negativity. Often, the gut can hold pain, memories from the past, and disease. With Amber, you release these negative thoughts, feelings, and disease through a cleansing Chakra flush. Amber assists in releasing depressive thoughts while uplifting and motivating you to have a positive outlook on life. It can set fire to your ideas and give them wings through meditating on its brilliant orange color.

Chakra: Sacral, Throat, Crown
Element: Earth
Heals: Depressive thoughts, disease, anger, distrust, stress
Protects against: Depressive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, disease, pain, negative energy

Try This!

  • Next time your baby is having teething pain, get an amber teething necklace. Amber is a natural reliever of teething pain and helps baby by reducing inflammation of their gums.
  • Use Baltic Amber as a natural relief for headaches, migranes, and even chronic pain. Wear it on your skin for the natural oil to permeate and work in relieving the pain. There’s also powders, succincts, and natural supplements for pain relief.
  • Carry a piece of amber with you when you need motivation and a positive outlook, also to feel grounded if you’re working on projects.

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