Agate – Crystal Meanings

Jun 22, 2019Crystals1 comment


  • Harmonizes both masculine and feminine energies
  • Calming and soothing for the mind and body
  • Builds self confidence through awareness and consciousness

Agate is a crystal stone that is made up of layers of quartz, banded together over time. The smooth surface lends to its overall quality of being a peaceful stone that calms and soothes. Agate helps on all levels of healing to bring balance to a person’s life. Through self-awareness and reflection, agate helps you through going through the layers of unconscious information to bring past hurts, negative experiences, and stuffed feelings to light for healing.

Agate is Useful to:

  • Improve study habits and focus
  • Ground yourself to experience satisfaction with life
  • Increase awareness of what is unconscious
  • Heals old wounds and stuffed emotions – guilt, anger, rage, and self defeat
  • Encourages empowerment to stand in your own strength
  • Improves self confidence and courage

Healing Properties of Agate

Agate is a healing stone that, when used in healing work consciously, it helps bring awareness to the root cause of an issue. It works through layers of energy and information to help the individual find and extract the root cause of a situation.

One of the main uses of agate is to increase self love and care by releasing negative emotions, allowing the space for grounding, and awareness of the stuck emotions. When you are aware of your emotions, you consciously release them from your body through identifying them. Agate allows a person the grounding and healing tool they need to work through conscious and unconscious thoughts to bring these emotions to the surface for healing.