5 Secrets to Open Your Third Eye To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Decoded

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Open Third Eye Chakra Develop Psychic AbilitiesWhen I read the book titled Ancient Mysteries, at the age of 6 at my Granny’s house, I was captivated and intrigued. I wanted to know the secrets to using my psychic abilities, even at a young age. She had a lot of the books from that series, but sadly, none of them revealed exactly how to use psychic abilities. After going through a lot of struggle and negative relationships in my lifetime, I was determined to know how to better create my life with love and peace. Growing my psychic abilities helped me do that – make better choices – and teach others how to compare what they wanted with what they were being presented in their life so they could make better choices too.

Opening my third eye chakra was one of the key pieces that unlocked my psychic abilities more. Before I unlocked my third eye chakra, I would block myself from seeing because of fear. I had the fear of being wrong and also the fear of being right with what I saw.

Fear or no fear, my curiosity pulled me forward to learn more so that’s what I followed instead of the fear. I knew there were answers waiting for me. I wanted to find those answers, likely just like you are wanting to do today. Here’s the 5 secrets of using your third eye chakra to develop your psychic abilities decoded.

Secret #1

Know where your third eye is located. It is directly in the middle of your forehead. If you tap your two fingers there, you’ll feel the sensitivity of this area. Just don’t tap too hard.

To open your third eye, use a favorite crystal or rock and hold it to the middle of your forehead. Lightly press it and close your eyes. Allow yourself to see from this area in your inner mind.

The pressure of the crystal or stone will help you to focus on this area and open up your psychic abilities.

Secret #2

Clear your mind. Our minds can be full of “I need to run to the grocery store to get xyz.” We focus on tasks because it keeps our active, conscious minds busy.

But, we need to clear out these thoughts so that we can let in the unconscious images, knowings, and feelings – to be more aware of these.

You also may experience negative thoughts. When you notice thoughts and feelings that impact you in a negative way, you will notice negative feelings as well. In fact, you may notice the negative feelings first.

These often come in the form of feeling anxiety, low or depressed mood, negative thoughts towards yourself, self-critical, or other thoughts. These thoughts can often come through so fast that you may not be aware of them, but you start feeling down. If you start noticing you’re feeling critical of yourself, it’s time to clear out the energy.

There’s several ways to clear your mind. Even touching the crystal to your third eye and focusing on it is one of the ways I’ve found to be helpful in clearing out the random thoughts. It helps to focus.

Another way to connect with your third eye is to do some coloring, doodling or journaling. Any activity that allows you to be in a meditative state is helpful to clear your mind.

Once your mind is clear, you can take more notice of what is coming up in your third eye.

Secret #3

Ask questions. If you don’t have a specific question in mind, then your mind is going to have a lot of random images, or pull out scenes from the future randomly.

You can direct your third eye to answer questions you have that you’d like to know the answer to right now. It’s all available in the field of the universe.

Decide what questions you’d like to ask your third eye. Write them down if you need to and keep track of the things that come in.

Answers typically come in the form of:

  • Images
  • Movie-like scenes like you’re watching a movie on the screen
  • Words in your inner mind (hearing)
  • Knowing – a knowing feeling like knowing it is a yes or a no or knowing about some person, place or thing
  • Feelings – if you are empathic, you may pick up on feelings that come in and can direct you. A rising feeling will often be exciting and fun and a yes answer. A negative, anxious feeling often indicates no to an answer.
  • Seeing nothing at all. Sometimes you will not see anything related to your question, or will see darkness. If this happens, ask for one thing related to your answer.

You may also receive smells or other senses that come up in relation to your answer. As you ask specific questions, keep track of the answers you’re receiving in a notebook so that you can then gain insight from the answer.

Secret #4

Get out in nature. Being in nature has a way of reconnecting ourselves with our bodies. As long as we aren’t in nature on our cellphones, and are truly spending time walking and looking at nature, it helps open your third eye as well.

Going on nature walks are easy to do in your own backyard if you don’t have time for a hike. Just go outside and start noticing what’s around you. Make it a goal to collect 3 things you find in nature. This will have you on a scavenger hunt to look around and find things. Maybe you collect a seed, a leaf and find a piece of bark if you have trees around you.

Take the time to look around and notice things on the ground, the shapes of leaves, what the bugs, birds and other wildlife are doing. Being out there for a few minutes each day helps to rebalance your body and mind together and can make what you see and feel in your third eye come in clearer.

Secret #5

Keep a journal of what you experience. This can be one of the hardest things to incorporate in your schedule, but so worth it!

First thing in the morning, ask for an image or something that will show you how the day will go. You might receive the image of a rubber duck or something else that may appear to be strange! But, write it down anyway and then ask your self this question: What does this mean to me?

Then write free-flowing what the answer is. Don’t judge it in the moment, just write. As you go about your day, that rubber ducky just may make sense by the end of your day!

And keeping a journal of what you see and sense in your third eye will help you build that psychic muscle to develop your abilities over time.